Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers For Your Next Big Adventure

Fifth wheel toy haulers are the perfect combination of RV and cargo trailer.  They can have all the comforts of a motor home or camper trailer with an attached garage for your “big toys” – ATVs, motorcycles, classic cars, etc.  5th wheel toy haulers allow you to utilize your big toys away from home while maintaining all of the comforts of home. 

Fifth wheel toy haulers come in a variety of styles and levels of comfort, all depending on your needs.  Some toy haulers are garages with convertible living space. They include beds that pull down, fold out, or hook up to the ceiling, and a small kitchenette.  Other toy haulers have separate living quarters with attached garages.  Depending on your priorities, you can have more space dedicated to the garage or more space dedicated to the living area.  In either case, your living amenities are generally in the front of the trailer and your cargo space in the back.  In the living area, you will generally find a sleeping area, a kitchen, a bathroom and plenty of storage space.  There is also usually some kind of table and eating area as well as air conditioning and a furnace.  More luxurious units have a generator, satellite TV, a stereo system, DVD player, and even satellite internet. 

The cargo space is usually between 10-14 feet and has a ramp door that folds down to allow easy loading and unloading of your toys. You can customize your cargo space with shelves, cabinets and racks, and even a portable gas pump so that you are always ready for your next adventure.   

Toy haulers come in both drivable and towable units.  Towable units give you the flexibility to have an around-town vehicle that can detach from your trailer, while, drivable units provide the ease of only maneuvering one vehicle.  Another advantage to the towable models is that they are easier to maintain.  If you choose a drivable model, you have the option of either a Class C or a Class A.  Class C models are built on a van frame, generally use gasoline, have higher fuel efficiency and include a bunk above the driver’s cab.  Class A models are built on a bus frame, generally use diesel fuel and tend to seat more but sleep fewer than the Class C. 

Before purchasing your used or new toy hauler, do some research to figure out what you want.  If possible, you may even want to consider renting one to make sure it fits your needs.  When you are ready to make a purchase, check out your local classifieds, as you can often find a good deal on a used RV from a private seller.