Designer Displays: Memo and Menu Clips for Restaurants

I’m sure I can’t be the only person out there who’s done this at a restaurant. After the meal’s been ordered but before the appetizers have arrived, even if the company is scintillating and your drink is delicious, you’ll still end up having a peek at the drinks menu resting at the head of the table, or reading over the little card with the daily specials in its specific holder. It’s okay, we’ve all done it. And frankly, it’s a brilliant bit of marketing on the part of the restaurants. You’ve got a captive audience that’s come specifically to you for a meal. There is any number of tools out there that give you the ability to place these temporary menus and other informational billets right on the table by your customers. Some are quite utilitarian, while others have a bit more flash to them. Today’s article is about the memo clips that fall into the second category. There are hundreds of varieties of table tents (the general name for these small tabletop displays) on the market today, so you’ve got options no matter what. But if you’re looking for a tool that’s going to be fun as well as practical, however, keep reading to learn a little more about memo clips for restaurants.

On the whole, memo clips have a bit more of a delicate appearance than a typical table tent or flip chart menu holder. Don’t let that turn you off of them, as these little stands are quite sturdy. Most memo clips use metal rods and posts to keep the page supported in conjunction with a metal or resin base. A good memo clip will make sure this base is proportionally weighty to keep it upright even when holding sheets of thicker paper. Thicker paper is actually recommended for use with memo clips to make sure your menu doesn’t go all floppy and fall over. If you’re looking for a memo clip that, while still modern and fun, will place customer attention firmly on the menu cards, then a basic memo clip might be what you need.

Basic memo clips do tend towards simpler designs, usually featuring a solid base without any extra ornamentation on there. Chances are, it’ll have a matte black or silver finish as those are the most neutral colors out there when it comes to these display products. The heights of the clips may vary, which gives people looking to pick some up the ability to choose the basic stand that does work best for their restaurants. If there are any details worked into the construction of this style of memo clip it’ll be something simple, such as a curved neck or an extra loop to hold an additional sheet of paper. Whether they’ve got coiled paper holders or alligator clip holders, the memo clip will be able to easily support a menu card that’s hard for customers to miss.

There’s a specific subset of basic memo holders that resemble small metal domes with a clip on top. These are the types you’ll see at more upscale establishments – actually, you’ll spot them most of all at wedding banquets and similar parties, but they do work equally as well at nicer restaurants. If there are details worked into the metal construction they’re small ones, usually a bit of decorative trim around the edges of the dome. They won’t have the height variation that the other basic models do either, but this makes them particularly good for anyone looking for a discreet and elegant menu display to subtly perch itself in the corner of a table.

Now, we come to the fun styles. All right, I’ll admit that these styles may not work for every restaurant out there, but these are the ones that I find to be the most visually appealing overall. Maybe I’m just a sap for anything colorful. The clips that directly support menus and other cards with these decorative models are very similar to the basic ones. The alligator clamp is identical, while the coil holders may have a more unique shape than just a circle for a little extra touch that can highlight your paper, especially if the symbol relates back to your restaurant’s décor somehow. These designer models are also where you’ll find the resin bases. Because the resin can be sculpted and colored, you end up with bases that are star-shaped, ovals, cubes and other geometric designs that can be found in plenty of different colors. These factors help make sure that the memo clip stands out well and gets attention, bringing the customers over to really take a look at both the stand and the card it’s holding.

Because we’re talking about using these memo clips in a business situation, I do feel like I need to bring up some general ideas about the price. Luckily, they’re not expensive. In fact, they’re downright cheap. If you’re interested in ordering some online, I’d advise you to look for bulk packs where you can get twenty-five to fifty in one package. The price runs to coins on the dollar, and you’ll be able to set up a menu card on every table in your establishment for probably the equivalent of a tank of gas (and they’ll last longer than that tank of gas too, at least the way I drive).

Sometimes it’s the little details that really make the experience for your customers. While they’ve come to your place for the food, the overall package from the décor to the wallpaper and the customer service will keep them coming back for more. Memo clips allow you to bring that little extra touch that keeps your customers in the loop with the daily specials that they’ll always appreciate.