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St Lucia Restaurants – Know Before You Go

St. Lucia restaurants cater a variety of food choices that will surely whet your appetite. There are international cuisines available but you should definitely try the local flavors, as well.

St. Lucia restaurants surely have the food department covered, from European, Indian, Asian, Mexican, the affordable to the higher end cuisine, you name it. The restaurants probably have as much to offer as the country you find it in.

Eating local. Banana plantations are all over the place, so the ingredient is basically a staple on the St. Lucian menu. They have banana salad, boiled green bananas served with salted fish and banana bread to name a famous few. You really must try these on any of the plantation style restaurants. The local cuisine also include plenty of fish and shellfish and you better try them out, they come in fresh.

You can never go wrong with a delicious stew traditional to native Caribbean culture which is known as the coal pot, and it can be found in many local restaurants in Soufriere, Castries, and Vieux-Fort. And while we’re still mouthwatering local, ask any local for the best roti shop and they will lead you right to it.

You may also want to try fish fries in Gros Islet, Dennery, or Anse La Ray and experience the deep-fried small fish eaten whole, called the tatiri, or simply go for the char grilled tuna steak. Fish fries is the sparing way to go and experience local cuisine. And just as it is on many other islands in the Caribbean, fast food is also a quick and cheaper option. They have pizza, burgers and barbecue.

Eating tourist. Gone snorkeling or hiking? When hunger strikes, you may take a break at some restaurants in the tourist areas with modest prices. There you go on a food trip – from Mexican, Indian, Asian to the local Creole and Amerindian and so on. You can even spot some that allow you to dine outdoors with a nice beach or mountain view, even sunsets.

Fine dining, anyone? Any local would advise you to look to Soufrière, Rodney Bay and other areas around the east of Castries, where many of the restaurants and hotels serve the island’s high-end cuisine. But save your beach outfit for the sun and the sand, because these fancy places have fancy dress codes too.

Know before you go out to eat that it is best to pay with cash, in any case the restaurant you end up in doesn’t accept credit cards. But you may pay in either Eastern Caribbean Dollars or U.S. Dollars. An 8 percent tax and 10 percent service charge are usually added to the bill, but this should not keep you from tipping for excellent service.

It really is quite impossible for you not to find something that suits your taste with all the St. Lucia restaurants to choose from. And if you get too mesmerized by the island and end up wandering off, you might just stumble upon great places and find a hearty meal that will cap off another day of your adventures in this paradise.

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